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How to buy DisplayLink ICs

DisplayLink ICs are sold buy a number of different reps & distributors worldwide. If you are interested in purchasing DisplayLink ICs for your product design, please get in touch with one of our partners. A list of our partners can be found here.

Assistance designing with DisplayLink ICs

DisplayLink has a number of partners who can help creating a product using DisplayLink, or integrating a DisplayLink IC into an existing design. Please see our list of Displaylink approved design houses.


Compare Our Chipset Series

Chipsets Target Applications Maximum Resolution Supported Displays* Integrated Network Integrated Audio
DL-1950 Dual 4Kp60 wireless docking stations 3840x2160
1-2 1Gbps Ethernet 5.1 channels
DL-6000 Dual 4Kp60/5K USB docking stations 5120x2880 (DisplayPort)
4096x2160 (HDMI)
1 - 4 1Gbps Ethernet 5.1 channels
DL-5000 4K USB3 docking stations and adapter 3840x2160 (DisplayPort)
2560x1440 (HDMI)
2048x1152 (VGA/DVI)
1 - 3 1Gbps Ethernet 5.1 channels

USB monitors
Meeting room controllers

1920x1080 (LVDS/eDP) 1 No No
DL-3000 Mid-range USB docking stations and adapters 2048x1152 (VGA/DVI)
2560x1440 (HDMI)
2560x1600 (DisplayPort)
1 - 2 1Gbps Ethernet 5.1 channels
DL-1x5 Entry level USB adapters and displays 1920x1200 (DVI/VGA/TTL/LVDS) 1 No No

*DisplayLink enabled products can be chained together to expand connectivity where required.

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