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DisplayLink DL-1950 Wireless

DL-1950 Wireless Graphics SoC​

The DL-1950 is a custom SoC built on our DisplayLink technology that targets wireless graphics connectivity between host PCs and displays. The DL-1950 works in concert with our Synaptics WiFi 6/6e radios to dynamically adjust as available bandwidth changes. Combined with connectivity management and MA-USB the DL-1950 enables dual-4K display capability with ultra-low latency that is indistinguishable from a wired connection.

Product Highlights

  • Worlds only scalable dynamically adjustable graphics solution that works both wired and wirelessly supporting dual 4K60 displays.
  • Integrated Ethernet and audio for corporate and home networking connectivity + hardware cursor
  • Dynamically adjustable compression that works in concert with our Synaptics WiFi radios to adjust on-the-fly with available bandwidth
  • 100% compatibility with existing DL products
  • Configurable to support dual displays at up to 4k60 and optimized to allow video camera operation with MA-USB
  • Optimized for hybrid work and wireless deployments including Synaptics MA-USB

Synaptics Wireless - End-to-End Solution Kit

  • DisplayLink dynamic compression that automatically adjusts as bandwidth changes
  • Synaptics WiFi 6/6E Radios
  • Synaptics Network Processor managing the radios and MA-USB virtualization
  • Synaptics Wireless Dock Connection Manager

DL-6950 Packaging

  • 18mm x 18mm
  • 484 BGA, RoHS and industry Green conformance
  • 0.8mm lead pitch
  • Non-HDCP versions available


Synaptics has developed a solution kit featuring the DL-1950 together with Synaptics management SoC and Wi-Fi 6 radios to facilitate partner development of wireless docking stations.

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