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ClearView Display Driver ICs

Image quality matters – and so does time: the time it takes images to appear, the time manufacturers need to develop display-intensive products, the time required before smartphones and tablets need recharging. Synaptics' feature-rich DDICs support ultra-high-definition resolution for both LCD and OLED panels, and dramatically reduce these times and make displays more dynamic, design-friendly and power-efficient.

Features & Benefits

  • One-Billion Colors
    Synaptics displays deliver the smoothest, most-natural color tones across the entire display, producing the reddest reds, greenest greens and bluest blues -- and every shade in between.
  • Independent White-Point and
    Color Adjustment
    Synaptics display drivers adjust every color, including white, independently of one another producing vivid displays regardless of hue.
  • Low Power Consumption
    Even in low-power mode, scaled images stay crisp and colors remain sharp, as Synaptics display drivers intuitively know to reduce power when necessary.
  • Narrow Chip Size
    With the industry’s narrowest chip size at every resolution, Synaptics display drivers provide superior industrial design flexibility.

Synaptics Image Studio simplifies the display design process, reducing design costs and accelerating the time to market. The tool suite assists designers in creating displays that are tightly aligned with target design and performance specifications. Image Studio works seamlessly with all display drivers and can be used for tuning on the panel or at the phone level.

Image Studio includes tuning and configuration wizards and diagnostics tools that configure and test the modules built using Synaptics display driver ICs. Synaptics Image Studio allows designers to adjust color settings -- gamma, warmth, white point, color targets, and backlight intensity -- to optimize the display performance for a particular design, resulting in vibrant images with excellent color and low power consumption.

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