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Voice Processing

Synaptics' turnkey hardware and software solutions enhance voice communication and automatic speech recognition performance in real-world, noisy environments. Our comprehensive AudioSmart and VideoSmart family of SOCs leverage proprietary far-field voice processing algorithms that enable OEMs to deliver compelling user experiences such as reliable hands-free voice control, even in noisy environments such as media playback. Synaptics also integrates a wake word engine tuned to OEM-specific AI voice services such as Google Assistant, Alexa, or any custom wake word created specifically for our worldwide partners.

Smart Source Pickup

Detects the user's voice and cancels noise from all directions around the device (omnidirectionally), even if noise sources are from the same direction as the user.

Smart Source Locator

Allows the device to automatically focus in on the direction of the user's voice, 360° around the device.

Voice Barge-in

Enabled by full duplex acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), voice products enabled by Synaptics’ SoCs can detect the wake word even when the device is playing music loudly.

Wake-Word Engine

Integrated and customized wake word algorithms for any global voice assistant platform in any language help differentiate customer deployments.