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Ecosystem Partnerships

Deep collaboration, joint development and agreed-upon standards are the secrets to a successful partner ecosystem. Through our well-established partnerships, we help Synaptics customers achieve supply-chain efficiency, deliver the right products to the right markets, and gain the competitive edge.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

The relationships that Synaptics has developed with the world's leading manufacturers are based on more than just products; they combine our collective innovations, collaborative spirit and track record of mutual success.

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Synaptics OEM partners span virtually all segments of the intelligent-devices industry -- the world's leading smartphone, tablet, computer, peripheral, wearable, and automobile-electronics makers.  And we've become their true development partners not just by providing them with our renowned touch, display and biometrics solutions, but by advancing great concepts and co-developing them to become successful products. Through extensive collaboration with our OEM partners, Synaptics helps them lead their markets, just as we do ours.

OLED and LCD Display Manufacturers

Display manufacturers' competitive edge doesn't come solely through Synaptics' storied human-interface solutions; it's the combination of technical expertise and industry experience -- theirs and ours combined -- that provides the real advantage.

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Whether the panels are OLED or liquid crystal, Synaptics helps its display manufacturing partners differentiate and add value to their displays. With those partners we jointly develop new generations of touchscreens that use Synaptics display, touch, and TDDI solutions. Whether designed on or in the display core, we help display manufacturers to optimize performance, make them thinner, enable bezel-free edges, and reduce overall costs.


Synaptics partners closely with leading system platform companies such as Google, Intel, Microsoft, and Qualcomm to ensure cohesiveness among operating systems and devices, and deliver flawless user experiences.

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Google: Synaptics partners closely with Google's Android, Android TV, and Chrome hardware and software teams to define and develop industry-leading features and enhance user experiences for notebook PCs, smartphones and tablets using those operating systems. This collaboration means both a faster time to market and native support of advanced features.

Intel: Synaptics plays a key role in co-developing with Intel new technologies for future computing platforms, including support on chipset reference designs, compatibility alignment, and driving joint strategic initiatives. This allows Synaptics to remain at the leading edge of new technology opportunities for its touch, display and biometrics solutions.

Microsoft: Synaptics is engaged in co-development efforts with Microsoft on two key initiatives -- Windows Input and Windows Hello. We have collaborated to define the Precision TouchPad (PTP) framework for creating a best-in-class user experience with Windows Input.  This collaboration began with Windows 8, has extended through Windows 10 and is expected to continue in future versions of the operating system.  Additionally, Synaptics is partnering with Microsoft in the pursuit to eliminate user-created passwords, notably the introduction of the Windows Hello Biometric suite, for which Synaptics is working to both extend the use of its biometrics and enhance its intuitiveness in Windows.

Qualcomm: Synaptics and Qualcomm collaborate on reference-design and compatibility efforts for next-generation mobile devices, working to ensure the companies' respective solutions interoperate seemlessly. 



Industry Alliances

Synaptics is a member of multiple industry alliances dedicated to jointly developing specifications, interfaces and certifications that ensure consistency, compatibility and security in new products.

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Synaptics is a founding board member of FIDO Alliance and Universal Stylus Initiative, and a member of other industry associations such as VESA. More information can be found about these organizations and their missions on their respective websites.


Our Supply Chain

Synaptics has shipped more than five-billion units -- something that wouldn't have been possible without the solid relationships we've developed with our supply chain.

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Seventeen years after its founding, Synaptics reached the one-billion mark in units shipped. It then took just three years to reach two-billion. What's the significance of these figures? We've developed rock-solid relationships with the world's foremost silicon manufacturing, testing and packaging concerns, and therefore are able to ramp production and adopt new geometries with relative ease. Moreover, our customers know -- indeed, have experienced first-hand -- that Synaptics can meet their evolving needs, minimize costs and ensure effectiveness of their latest products.

Emerging Technologies

The intelligent-device market is packed with new ideas, innovations and enterprises -- and Synaptics endeavors to be aligned with each of them. We're always open to expanding our valued partnerships and exploring new opportunities.