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Who We Are

Synaptics ignited the human interface revolution and we are pioneering the relationship between people and intelligent devices. Our products are built on the company’s storied research and development, extensive intellectual property and global partnerships. With solutions designed to optimize the user experience across broad markets, Synaptics combines ease of use, functionality and aesthetics to enable products that help make users' digital lives more productive, secure and enjoyable.


Synaptics drives the industry's most dynamic markets with innovative products designed for both established and emerging markets. Our patented solutions are designed by human-interface experts and deployed in end-user products from around the globe.

Synaptics has shipped more than 6-billion units and has reached a runway of a billion a year.

Synaptics has more than 2000 patents that are either pending or issued.

70% of Synaptics employees work in technology, engineering and product-design functions.