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Technology Overview

USB is simple which is why every device has a USB port on it; your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet, Chromebook. DisplayLink USB graphics leverages this universal connector to allow docking and graphics across a wide range of platforms. This makes docking as simple as any USB device.

DisplayLink has a range of devices to support different technology needs from USB2 to USB3, Ethernet and a full range of monitors resolution from HD (1920x1080) to UHD (3840x2160), Cinema 4K (4096x2160) and 5K (5120x2880). DisplayLink devices support all common monitor interfaces such as VGA, DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort (DP).

DisplayLink ICs also support different products such as docks, travel docks or graphics adapters.

DisplayLink Integrated Chipsets (ICs)

DisplayLink provide a range of ICs for a single display on USB 2.0, to solutions for 5K displays, USB 3.0 docking and wireless displays.

Compare Our Chipset Series

Chipsets Target Applications Maximum Resolution Supported Displays* Integrated Network Integrated Audio
DL-1950 Dual 4Kp60 wireless docking stations 3840x2160
1-2 1Gbps Ethernet 5.1 channels
DL-6000 Dual 4Kp60/5K USB docking stations 5120x2880 (DisplayPort)
4096x2160 (HDMI)
1 - 4 1Gbps Ethernet 5.1 channels
DL-5000 4K USB3 docking stations and adapter 3840x2160 (DisplayPort)
2560x1440 (HDMI)
2048x1152 (VGA/DVI)
1 - 3 1Gbps Ethernet 5.1 channels
DL-4000 USB monitors
Meeting room controllers
1920x1080 (LVDS/eDP) 1 No No
DL-3000 Mid-range USB docking stations and adapters 2048x1152 (VGA/DVI)
2560x1440 (HDMI)
2560x1600 (DisplayPort)
1 - 2 1Gbps Ethernet 5.1 channels
DL-1x5 Entry level USB adapters and displays 1920x1200 (DVI/VGA/TTL/LVDS) 1 No No

*DisplayLink enabled products can be chained together to expand connectivity where required.

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