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ImagingSmart Fax Modem Print


ImagingSmartTM Image Processors

Leveraging our core image processing expertise and vast digital imaging history, Synaptics' ImagingSmart silicon and software solutions deliver an extraordinary imaging experience – making products stand out from the crowd. ImagingSmart encapsulates our optimized hardware image processing pipeline, our low-power image capture and video SoCs, and our DSP technology. Synaptics offers a wide range of solutions for home, mobile and enterprise imaging applications. Our comprehensive, industry-leading product portfolio spans four distinct product lines that include document and photo imaging controllers, digital video, fax, and modem solutions.

Features & Benefits

  • DigiColor Hardware Image Processing
    Synaptics’ DigiColor hardware print and image processing technology is targeted for demanding print, copy, and photo processing solutions.
  • ImagingSmart JPEG and Video Processors
    Synaptics' low-power encoders support wireless battery powered cameras, and our video processors support low-latency full-duplex audio and video.
  • Leading Supplier of Fax/Modem Solutions
    Synaptics’ legacy of fax and modem DSP technology provides comprehensive data connectivity solutions for the phone line.
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