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Your world is at your fingertips. Synaptics helps users get the most out of their devices through an extensive portfolio of human-interface solutions that enable elegant, intuitive user experiences.

Fingerprint Sensors

Synaptics set a new standard for fingerprint authentication in existing and emerging technologies, delivering unparalleled security and ease of use.


Touch Controllers

Interacting with touchscreens should feel as smooth as the glass on the display itself. With Synaptics touch controllers, an accurate and intuitive user experience is literally at your fingertips.


Display Drivers

Synaptics display drivers deliver crystal clear images with vivid colors, and contain power saving innovations that maximize battery life.


Integrated Touch & Display

Touchscreens get sleeker and simpler when designed with Synaptics integrated touch and display offerings, which combine high resolution with precise navigation into a single offering.



Synaptics customizable touchpads bring exceptional sensitivity, accuracy and reliability to computers, keyboards and other devices.


Far-field Voice DSPs

Voice is the fastest growing human interface in the smart home, and Synaptics’ AudioSmart far-field voice DSPs are the key ingredient to connecting with global personal assistants.


Digital Headset SoCs

Whether you are in a noisy office environment, or relaxing on the sofa to Mozart, Synaptics’ headphone and headset solutions bring to life the high-fidelity sound and active noise cancellation you need.


Multimedia Solutions

Home entertainment is more engaging and fun when powered by Synaptics multimedia solutions.



Synaptics fax/modem solutions are found in offices around the world – and now on your person with portable pocket printers where you can plug and print directly from your smartphone.