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Touch Sensing

Consumers naturally demand more from their touchscreen devices, but they also want the devices' advanced capabilities to be intuitive. Synaptics capacitive-touch sensing technology addresses both sides of that user-experience equation by enabling features such as vertical-dimension navigation; precision input from pens, fingernails and gloves; side-of-the-device interactions; wet-screen tolerance; customized gestures; and single-touch device wake-up.

What's Involved in
A Simple Touch

The highly sophisticated Synaptics sensing circuit within the touchscreen detects minute changes in the electric field and represents this as a change in the touchscreen electrode’s capacitance values. The capacitive changes are represented as an image map of the touchscreen sensing region.

This sequence of steps ensures the users' experiences with devices are one of smoothness, responsiveness and simplicity.

So Advanced It's Simple

To continue advancing the state-of-the-art in touch sensing technology, Synaptics engineers and scientists constantly leverage their collective core competencies in:

  • Mixed-signal circuit design
  • Materials science
  • Antenna theory
  • Pattern recognition
  • Image processing
  • Statistical signal processing
  • Computer architectures
  • Communications theory

The result? A continually improving end-user experience.

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