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TouchView Integrated
Touch and Display Controllers

To display manufacturers integration isn’t an abstract idea; it’s a true difference-maker. Touch sensor integration delivers thinner and brighter displays with more responsive touch performance. Touch and Display Driver Integration (TDDI) combines two chips into one, for even greater manufacturing efficiency.

Features & Benefits

Advanced Touch Features

Virtually all of the features of Synaptics' advanced touch controllers are available in our TouchView solutions, including smooth, fast performance, moisture resilience, and variable force sensing.

Advanced DDIC Features

TouchView also supports Synaptics' advanced display-driver IC features, developed to enhance a displays brightness, color, contrast, readability in sunlight, and power efficiency.

Superior Industrial Design

TouchView solutions result in thinner, brighter displays, and single-chip integrated controllers minimize component count for maximum industrial design flexibility.

Certified for Automotive

TouchView touch and display controllers are certified for demanding automotive applications that uses larger displays.

Design Studio Streamlines
Touchscreen Design

TouchView controllers are fully supported by Synaptics Design Studio, which delivers a comprehensive, start-to-finish array of tools to simplify the design of touchscreens and bring them to market faster.


Synaptics Design Studio streamlines the touchscreen design process, while reducing total design cost and accelerating the time to market. The tool suite assists designers in creating optimal products that are tightly aligned with target design and performance specifications. Design Studio works seamlessly with multiple display configurations and stack-ups, including discrete sensor, on-glass-sensor, on-cell, and in-cell solutions.

Design Studio includes tuning and configuration wizards, production test tools, and diagnostics tools that configure and test chips and modules built using Synaptics capacitive sensing technology. Choice of materials, thickness of glass, and system architecture impact touch performance. Synaptics Design Studio allows designers to set firmware parameters (such as baseline capacitance and operating frequency) to optimize the touch performance of a particular touchscreen design. The result is excellent responsiveness, sensitivity and finger-tracking. The tools also allow the designer to enable and configure advanced features such as side touch, moisture tolerance, and gesture recognition.

For integrated touch and display controllers, Design Studio also allows designers to adjust color settings -- gamma, warmth, white point, color targets, backlight intensity -- to optimize and tailor the display performance of a particular design.  The result: vibrant images, excellent color and low power consumption.

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