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DisplayLink DL-5000 Series

4K / UHD / 2K / HD Single & Multi-Head USB Docks

DL-5000 series diagram

From the world leader in USB graphics, DisplayLink introduces the new DL-5000 series, an SoC family created to extend the DisplayLink USB graphics adapters to 4K Ultra-High Definition monitors and displays. The DL-5000 series allow OEMs to offer support for ultra-high resolution 4K/UHD display technology. Based on the industry-leading DL3 codec the DL-5000 series offer the same benefits of low latency and high quality graphics, now for 4K. Ideal for end customers wanting a 4K solution for conference room displays, digital signage, or to enable an existing PC or Mac to support the latest 4K monitors; all from a single USB connection.


  • Compatible with new USB C or Standard A/B USB connectors
  • High quality with low latency
  • 100% compatible with existing DL universal docking
  • Can be used with other DisplayLink products to enable up to 6 USB displays
  • USB bus power (no external power supply needed)


  • Up to 3840x2160 output
  • Backward compatible with QHD and HD monitors
  • DisplayPort 1.1a interface
  • HDCP 2.0 for protected video playback
  • Integrated DisplayPort Audio

*DisplayPort available with external transmitter

Certified Plug and Display

DisplayLink Certified products are thoroughly tested in our labs to guarantee interoperability with the vast DisplayLink USB graphics ecosystem. Regular SW updates means a lifetime of performance updates. Look for the DisplayLink Certified Plug and Display Certified Logos.

DisplayLink Compression - DL3.0

  • Ultra-Low latency
  • Clear and crisp text and graphics
  • Link aware-Adapts automatically to bandwidth constraints
  • Compression tuned for video content and high quality graphics
  • Uncompromised UHD video quality
  • Compatible with HDCP 2.0 encryption


  • 17 mm x 17 mm
  • 400-ball PBGA, lead free (RoHS compliant and industry “Green” conformance)
  • 0.8 mm ball pitch


DisplayLink Supplies a complete set of schematics and PCB layout information along with firmware and OS drivers to complete a USB3 to 4K/UHD Adapter

Product Feature DL-5500 DL-5700 DL-5900 DL-5910
Configuration* 1:1:1 1:1:1 1:1:2 1:2:3
3840x2160p30 1x 1x 1x 1x
2560x1600/1440 1x 1x 1x 2x
2048x1152p60 1x 1x 2x 3x
1920x1080p60 1x 1x 2x 3x
Dual Head    
Single Head    
DP (external)
Gigabit Ethernet  
Audio 5.1

*Configuration: 4K:2K:1K head count

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