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AstraTM MachinaTM Foundation Series


The Astra Machina Foundation Series evaluation kit enables easy and rapid prototyping for the Synaptics SL-Series of multi-modal AI-native embedded IoT processors. A modular design supports swappable compute modules on a common I/O board, with daughter cards for integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, debug, and flexible I/O.

The evaluation system supports the full range of the Synaptics SL1600 series of SoCs including the SL1680, SL1640, and SL1620. Pair this compute flexibility with a unified software experience, to optimally assess AI-enabled edge compute solutions for consumer, enterprise and industrial IoT system designs.


The Astra Machina evaluation systems are supported by an open, Yocto Linux distribution delivered as part of
the Synaptics ESSDK, available on Synaptics Astra GitHub. With the Synaptics AI toolkit, users benefit from a
feature-rich, robust, and open, edge AI platform designed for all stages of the AI journey from beginner to advanced.

Utilize industry-standard open-source libraries and frameworks such as GStreamer and V4L2 to create video
and display pipelines. Leverage multi-TOPS Neural Processing Units (NPUs) to securely run inferencing for
a range of functions including object detection, classification, and segmentation. Work with AI-enabled
audio algorithms for far-field voice, wake words, echo cancellation, noise reduction, and voice biometrics.


Core Modules:

► Synaptics SL1680 / SL1640 / SL1620 SoCs
► Storage (eMMC 5.1), Memory (DRAM), PMIC, SD Card Slot
► HDMI Micro Rx interface
► Audio Input/Output

Daughter card interface options:
► JTAG, 40-pin header
► 4-pin PoE+
►4-pin connector

I/O board:
► HDMI Type-A Tx
► M.2 E-key 2230 slot for SDIO, PCIe®, UART
► USB 3.0 Type-A: 4 ports, host mode
► USB 2.0 Type-C: OTG host or peripheral mode
► Push buttons: USB-BOOT selection and system RESET
► 2pin Header: SD-BOOT selection
Type-C power supply with 15V @ 1.8A


SL1680 Core Module

SL1680 Core Module

SL1640 Core Module

SL1640 Core Module

SL1620 Core Module

SL1620 Core Module

I/O Module

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