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Digital Headset SoCs

Synaptics’ multi-tier headset product line features a wide range of audio codec solutions to meet the needs of various applications including USB Type-C headsets, advanced wireless and 3D gaming headsets, as well as more compact Universal Communication (UC) office headsets. Our broad array of low-power, high-resolution multi-core hardware codecs and audio software technologies enable greater innovation and differentiation within the market, helping manufacturers develop new and exciting high-performance headsets, headphones, hearables and audio accessories.

Features & Benefits

Advanced Audio
Enhancement Technologies

Synaptics’ compact codec and DSP solutions enable advanced features and functionality, in a smaller, battery-free form-factor compared to traditional analog 3.5mm headsets.

A Uniform Audio
Experience Across Devices

With Synaptics USB-C solutions, the intelligence is within the headphone design, thereby allowing a consistent high-quality listening experience across all source devices.

Audio Formats

Advanced USB-C headphone codecs support the latest audio formats and deliver immersive high-fidelity audio to enhance the user listening experience.

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