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 VideoSmartTM Multimedia SoC Solutions

Synaptics multimedia processors are driving advancements in the connected home. By leveraging our established expertise in high-performance, power-efficient chip design, Synaptics solutions enable rich multimedia, seamless connectivity, and customized experiences on next-generation home entertainment devices.

Synaptics VideoSmart series products include powerful single-chip 4K UHD media processors for TVs, set-top boxes, and over-the-top (OTT) streaming devices.

Features & Benefits

Qdeo Technology

Award-winning video processing software and firmware delivers immersive entertainment regardless of source.

4K UHD Resolution

Decodes high resolution video and upscales other content for today's state-of-the-art TVs. Includes transcode capability for efficiently streaming 4K content to mobile devices.

High Dynamic Range

Significantly expands contrast ratio and color palette to offer a more realistic, natural image on today's TVs. Synaptics VideoSmart support industry standards such as HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision, Technicolor HDR.

Multi-core CPU & GPU

Enables compelling user interfaces and provides the processing power needed for new service provider apps such as gaming.

Robust Security Engine

Dedicated Robust Security Engine including secure boot, Trusted Rendering Path, full TrustZone, and video watermarking. Offers premium content support with multiple DRM/CAS options.

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