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SYN4778 Multi-band GNSS

Synaptics’ SYN4778 is a third-generation dual-frequency (L1/L5) GNSS receiver that is capable of innovative features like L5 acquisition and simultaneous tracking of multiple reflected signals from the same satellite. Voltage supply requirements are eased by integrating a high-efficiency single-inductor, multiple-output switching regulator.

The SYN4778 simultaneously supports GPS, GLONASS (GLO), NAVIC, BeiDou (BDS), Galileo (GAL), SBAS, and QZSS in both the L1/B1/E1 and L5/E5/B2a frequency bands. This industry-leading dual-band capability provides the most accurate positioning available in the market today.

To accommodate ever-growing satellites, constellations, and bands, the SYN4778 has increased tracking and acquisition capabilities.

The SYN4778 has a low noise figure, high-linearity analog radio where the external LNA and second SAW filter are optional, thus reducing the overall system bill of materials (BOM). The ultrasmall PCB footprint and reduced BOM provide flexibility in laying out PCBs and optimizing the RF input path, such that the SYN4778 can be placed near the antenna.


  • Tablets
  • Mobile accessories
  • Wearables
  • Asset tracking


  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Ultra-small PCB footprint
  • Highest levels of urban multi-path mitigation
  • Highest levels of navigation performance
  • Industry-leading position accuracy

SYN4778 block diagram

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