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Integrated Fingerprint Sensor

With mobile payments among today's fastest-growing user applications, fingerprints will be used for more than just unlocking notebook PCs. SecurePad integrates a Synaptics Natural ID fingerprint sensor directly into the TouchPad area, so that it is located conveniently where users' hands naturally are. They're able to authorize online transactions, log in to websites and access applications in one easy, fluid motion.

Features & Benefits

ClickSmart™ Left/Right Buttons

Traditional TouchPad button locations combined with new 1/2 finger left/right clicks.

Advanced Driver

Fully customizable driver for advanced gestures, from 2-finger scrolling to PinchZoom and more.


Patented Accidental Contact Mitigation (ACM) reduces accidental taps and clicks.

Portfolio of Solutions

A variety of sensor types, mechanical design choices, and driver features enable OEMs to create differentiated products.

Integrated Natural ID Fingerprint Sensor

Simplified design for OEMs and more fluid operation for the consumer.

Multi-finger Sensing

Enables advanced gestures such as pinch and zoom, 3-finger flick, and more.