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3D Touch Interface

Force sensing literally creates an entirely new dimension in touch, enabling cutting-edge user interfaces with more intuitive gestures and easier navigation. ForcePad provides a thinner touchpad with pressure-sensitive scrolling and zooming, and press-to-click capabilities anywhere on the touchpad. The result is fewer required movements, minimized repetitive gestures and users getting the most out of their touchpad area.

And because it’s form-factor-compatible with Synaptics TouchPads, OEMs can integrate ForcePad quickly and easily.

Features & Benefits

ClickSmart™ Left/Right Buttons

Traditional TouchPad button locations combined with new 1/2 finger left/right clicks.

Advanced Driver

Fully customizable driver for advanced gestures, from 2-finger scrolling to PinchZoom and more.


Patented Accidental Contact Mitigation (ACM) reduces accidental taps and clicks.

Portfolio of Solutions

A variety of sensor types, mechanical design choices, and driver features enable OEMs to create differentiated products.

Force Sensing

Simplified and intuitive operation with pressure sensitive scrolling speed, silent click, and haptic feedback.

Multi-finger Sensing

Enables advanced gestures such as pinch and zoom, 3-finger flick, and more.