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A new approach to embedded displays

With an increase in embedded computing power over the past few years, there is now new ways to connect displays to embedded solutions. The embedded host can be used to encode display data and then send it over a network (eg USB or Ethernet) to a decoding ASIC, to be shown on a display.

DisplayLink has partnered with Listeq to provide an SDK to create embedded solutions using DisplayLink's DL-1x5 family. These ICs can connect displays to a client using USB. This provides a number of advantages over traditional display attachment methods.

  • Allows flexibility and distance between the CPU and display
  • USB can provide enough power for the DisplayLink technology and panel, removing the requirement for an additional display power supply
  • USB provides a smaller form factor for connecting to Displays, reducing the PCB space and design requirements.
  • Connect directly to the panel using LVDS or TTL
  • Any resolution supported from 640x480 to 2048x1152
  • Connect multiple displays from one USB host port
  • GPIO interface, which can be controlled for specific purposes from host software
  • SDK available from Listeq to create custom solutions


Please contact your local DisplayLink rep or distributor for support, as they will be able to answer most questions on DisplayLink technology. For support or enquiries about the Embedded SDK, please contact Listeq who supply and support the SDK. This is not provided by DisplayLink and is not available to download from our website.

DisplayLink also provide a community forum where you can meet other users creating embedded solutions using DisplayLink technology. DisplayLink can also be contacted directly at our support site.

How do I get started?

If you have an embedded project that could benefit from DisplayLink embedded technology, there are a number of steps you can take:

  • Get a starter kit. DisplayLink has partners who can sell a starter kit and help create a custom design to meet your needs. The starter kit consists of a PCB with DisplayLink technology to prototype your solution.
  • Look at the SDKs and software available for embedded solutions. DisplayLink has a number of different source code and software releases available for embedded solutions.
  • Find a DisplayLink ASIC supplier. If you wish to source DisplayLink ICs for your project, please contact one of DisplayLink's worldwide reps or distributors.
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