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  • Basic Presence Detection
    Using technology like a Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor, basic presence detection wakes the device when any object passes nearby.
  • Human Presence Detection
    Human presence detection typically uses a visual sensor to confirm the nearby object is a human. However, the system works for any person, even if they are not trusted.
  • User Presence Detection
    Pioneered by Synaptics using AI-based visual sensing, User Presence Detection employs engagement awareness technology & secure, match-on-chip biometrics to ensure the system works only for trusted user(s) intending to engage with the device, improving security, battery life, and productivity.
  • Synaptics' Vision: Future Workspaces
    Our future of smart spaces will involve advanced, seamless integration of AI and sensor technologies to enhance automation, energy efficiency, and personalized user experiences without compromising privacy.

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Differentiation Through AI & ML

Synaptics delivers a unified AI framework using out-of-the box models to rapidly deploy differentiated solutions. Provides a secure AI pipeline to non-intrusively to run workloads on protected content. Enables use cases such as object detection, categorization and super-resolution upscaling for an immersive multimedia experience.
The Synaptics AI toolkit simplifies model deployment to the edge device with partners such as Visidon, Nex, ID R&D, and BCOM.
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