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AudioSmart® Development Kits
for Amazon AVS

The Synaptics AudioSmart Development Kits for Amazon AVS saves engineering time and reduces costs related to developing robust, far-field voice-enabled devices. Beyond prototyping, Synaptics expedites time-to-market by directly providing third-party manufacturers with cost-effective, production-ready hardware solutions, voice pre-processing software technology and unrivaled engineering support.

Features & Benefits

Superior End
User Experience

Synaptics’ enhanced noise suppression and echo cancellation algorithms ensure that speech recognition engines hear the user’s voice and nothing else.

Optimized Manufactured

Powered by AudioSmart Voice DSPs, developers are able to prototype and develop affordable voice enabled devices that rival the performance of more expensive systems.


Reference designs, drivers, and tuning tools are offered to expedite production time. Synaptics' voice solutions were designed to work with all ASR engines.

EVK Comparison

TDDI 2-Chip
Yes Yes
Advanced Touch Features
Yes Yes
Advanced DDIC Features
Yes Yes
Yes Yes
Superior Industrial Design
Features DS20924 DS20921
Board Shape Round Rectangular
LED Provided on Mic + LED Module N/A
Audio Codec Low Power 2W Codec N/A
Smart Source Locator (SSL) 360 degrees N/A
Smart Source Pickup 4 microphones 2 microphones
Microphones Supported Digital Digital or Analog
Mic Placement Configuration Square Linear
Noise Suppression Robust to all noises including non-stationary TV, radio, etc Robust to stationary and semi-stationary noises
AEC Reference Supported Mono Stereo
Suitable Applications Tabletop devices All voice-enabled devices
Price $349 $299

Alexa Voice Service

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