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Synaptics Expands Industry Leading Match-in-Sensor (MiS) Fingerprint Authentication Portfolio with High-Performance, Frictionless Biometric Security Sensor

The Triton FS7800 family comes in two easy-to-integrate sensor packaging options with NIST SP 800-193 protection for maximum security for the mobile workforce

TAIPEI, Taiwan, May 30, 2023 – Synaptics® Incorporated (Nasdaq: SYNA) today announced at Computex 2023 the Triton FS7800 family of high-resolution single-chip Match-in-Sensor (MiS) fingerprint authentication sensors for secure biometric user access to PCs and other devices. The Triton family has a 500-dpi silicon sensor that comes in two flexible, easy-to-integrate packaging options to accelerate system design and features NIST SP 800-193-level protection to deliver maximum security for the mobile workforce.

Join us at Computex 2023 to learn more about Triton, our fingerprint sensors, and Synaptics’ latest advances in wireless, docking, audio, and networked displays. Email press@synaptics.com for an appointment, and follow us on LinkedIn.

The Triton family extends Synaptics’ leadership in MiS-style sensor solutions. MiS means it is completely stand-alone and contains a processor, storage, and cryptographic capabilities that perform matching in an environment physically isolated from the host. This ensures protection from hacking or malware that might be running on the host. The sensor performs biometric identification autonomously and then sends an identification result that is encrypted and signed using a sensor-specific key to the host. For PC applications, it is fully compliant with the latest Microsoft Windows Hello requirements and is Enhanced Sign-in Security (ESS) capable, per the Windows 11 modern device security levels definition.

“Security is a priority for the enterprise that becomes increasingly challenging with a mobile workforce,” said Saleel Awsare, Senior VP and GM, PC and Peripherals Division at Synaptics. “Synaptics has already established a leadership position with OEMs with our biometric authentication solutions, and our Triton family of fingerprint sensing solutions adds enhanced performance and security features that respond to new types of work styles and risks. We’ve designed it to be efficient to integrate for a range of industrial design requirements, as well as unobtrusive for authenticated end users to be able to securely access their devices.”

FS7800 key features and benefits

  • Direct-contact capacitive silicon sensor uses a standard CMOS foundry process
  • A single-chip device that performs authentication with an in-sensor microprocessor executing firmware
  • Integrated internal flash memory for instructions and a fingerprint database
  • Hardware accelerated cryptographic features for matching and image processing
  • NIST SP 800-193 compliant security prevents unsigned firmware-level hacking
  • Usable in a number of design configurations and when placed under different types of materials
  • Available in two versions, one for use with a glass overlay (FS7801) and one for use with a coating overlay (FS7802)
  • Can be implemented in different shapes and sizes for various kinds of ID requirements and different locations of the placement on a PC

The Synaptics Triton FS7800 family is available now:

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