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Synaptics Acquires Emza Visual Sense, Extends Leadership in Ultra-Low-Power Edge AI Processing

SAN JOSE, Calif, October 28, 2022 – Synaptics® Incorporated (Nasdaq: SYNA) today announced the acquisition of Emza Visual Sense Ltd., the leader in the emerging and fast-growing market for ultra-low-power AI visual sensing solutions. The addition extends Synaptics’ leadership position in Edge AI and allows it to immediately serve the PC market with a proven solution for human presence detection (HPD) applications, supporting look-away detect and on-looker detect features, while uniquely addressing system user security and privacy concerns.

“We're very excited about integrating and scaling the Emza team's expertise and technology across our business," said Saleel Awsare, SVP & GM at Synaptics. "Bringing together key enabling technologies in edge hardware and algorithms for computer vision, audio, and security, while leveraging decades of experience and deep knowledge of customers’ requirements, will allow us to together rapidly deploy, scale, and re-define the HPD experience."

A typical low-power smart vision architecture consists of a low-resolution image sensor coupled with an Edge AI SoC that is usually constrained with respect to compute and memory resources. Already deployed and field proven for a multitude of applications, Emza’s uniquely tuned ML algorithms meet the challenges of such a resource-constrained environment by maximizing AI inference per milliwatt for optimal visual sensing performance.

The Emza solution complements Synaptics’ KatanaTM AI SoC platform and together they enable HPD applications in devices ranging from PCs, notebooks, and smart TVs, to assisted living cameras.

Based in Giv'atayim, near Tel Aviv, the Emza team will become part of Synaptics Israel, in Herzliya.

Synaptics’ Emza technology is available now. For more information, contact your local Synaptics sales representative.

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