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Synaptics Announces AudioSmart Edge AI Headset Platform with Industry’s Best Power and Performance

Highly integrated architecture features hybrid ANC/ENC delivering premium audio quality while significantly reducing system cost, size, and complexity

SAN JOSE, Calif., October 18, 2021 – Synaptics® Incorporated (Nasdaq: SYNA) today announced its newest AudioSmart® AS33970 headset platform SoC. It’s the world’s first highly integrated AI-enabled ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) and hybrid ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) single-chip solution integrating neural and voice processing engines for optimal audio performance. In addition, its best-in-class power consumption enables a 35-55 percent improvement in battery life compared to currently shipping wireless headsets, as well as a significant reduction in size, design complexity, and cost, driven by its integrated architecture.

The AS33970 SoC reduces the chip count compared to other headset solutions from 5 to 3 while also lowering the number of microphones needed, significantly cutting system costs. Together with ultra-low power consumption, this reduction in chip count and passive components leads to a lighter and smaller design resulting in reduced user fatigue. In addition, the AS33970 AudioSmart SoC platform is the first and only open-market solution that meets the Microsoft Teams™ Open Office Premium specification without a boom mic enabling premium voice performance while optimizing comfort and usability in a sleeker form factor.

Peter Cooney, Founder & Research Director, SAR Insight & Consulting, noted, “The dynamic market for high-end headsets demands a highly flexible and scalable solution to enable a wide variety of features and industrial designs. The AudioSmart AS33970 SoC headset platform with its highly-customizable architecture allows customers to deliver differentiated headsets in both form and function.”

Further, the AS33970 headset SoC offers cutting-edge technology that leverages the flexibility of the Synaptics’ Neural Processing Unit (NPU) to utilize use-case-specific Deep Neural Network (DNN) models to provide both ENC and hybrid ANC in extremely noisy environments.

“Our customers demand a high-end headset solution that can operate and support office, home, school, e-sports café, and transit environments,” said Craig Stein, SVP & GM, Mobile & IoT Division at Synaptics. “Our headset platform SoC provides a unified hardware platform with turnkey, customizable ANC, and ENC algorithms while lowering system cost, providing manufacturers a scalable platform to support a wide array of wired and wireless form factors.”


The AudioSmart AS33970 platform is available today. For more information, contact a local sales representative.

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