Synaptics AudioSmart Featured on Anker’s New Eufy Genie Alexa-Enabled Smart Speakers

Exceptional Far-Field Performance Requires Only Two Microphones

SAN JOSE, Calif. – August 15, 2017 – Synaptics Incorporated (NASDAQ: SYNA), the leading developer of human interface solutions, today announced its AudioSmart® far-field voice technology has been selected by Anker for its innovative Eufy Genie smart speakers. Genie is an exciting new smart home hub that is fully integrated with the Amazon Alexa voice-control system. Eufy Genie stands ready as a tireless Alexa personal assistant capable of seamless smart home service in real-world noisy conditions due to its integrated Synaptics® AudioSmart solution -- blending industry-leading analog, mixed-signal and DSP technologies for high-fidelity voice and audio processing.

“Working with Synaptics afforded us the unique ability to tap into their engineering expertise to make our Eufy Genie perform as well as competing Alexa-enabled solutions,” said Steven Yang, CEO, Anker. “By utilizing Synaptics’ AudioSmart two-microphone voice solution, we maximized the far-field voice capabilities offered by Genie and streamlined its internal components, which allowed us to bring to market a powerful Alexa device with a smaller form factor and a consumer-friendly price-point.”

Synaptics’ AudioSmart solution for voice applications separates speech signals from background noise and processes only the speech signal for improved speech recognition engine accuracy. This provides a better end-user experience for artificial intelligence platforms like the Alexa Voice Service, even in noisy, real-world conditions, and/or when users are several meters away from the device.

Synaptics’ AudioSmart technology was developed to revolutionize how consumer electronics manufacturers design voice-enabled products, allowing them a cost effective and fast time-to-market advantage. Our extensive systems expertise enables system designers to bring new applications to market that boast exceptional voice interface performance and far-field capabilities, as well as excellent audio playback quality. This announcement builds upon other recent third-party Alexa-enabled product announcements featuring AudioSmart voice input processors, and further solidifies Synaptics as the de facto standard for premium-quality voice interface solutions for the rapidly growing voice-enabled consumer IoT market.

“The Eufy Genie is a very exciting entry to the market and we were thrilled to be able to help Anker in delivering benchmark far-field performance in a compact form factor without a complex multi-microphone array,” said Saleel Awsare, vice president and general manager, Audio and Imaging Business, Synaptics. “With our advanced AudioSmart processing technologies and just two microphones, the Eufy Genie can easily and clearly hear user requests coming from anywhere in the room, even when the device is playing music.”

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