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Robust Wireless Makes Content Experiences Exceptional

Sep 08, 2022

By Brandon Bae

We live in an increasingly connected world with growing arrays of connected devices, including lights, controllers, thermostats, TVs, computers, tablets, security devices, phones, appliances, and more. Our cars now connect with sensors, phones, entry controllers, and camera systems, and the offices, shopping malls, commercial buildings, and public transport we frequent have evolved to enable us to stay connected while allowing automation, robotics, and smart signage. These demands have dramatically increased the need for higher throughput, secure connectivity, and scalability that allows for a robust experience even in dense user and multipath environments.

At the same time, product developers must deal with an expanding array of wireless protocols and versions of standards, making coexistence and interoperability a top concern.

Managing that challenge requires a flexible semiconductor and software foundation that simplifies and enhances the user experience while meeting application-specific requirements for product size, power, and performance.

At Synaptics, we enable the best experience across all of these areas; we build technology for the home, the office, and everywhere between. Our award-winning solutions enable partners and the industry to benefit from highly integrated, cost-effective designs. They provide the latest Wi-Fi 6/6E for high throughput and Bluetooth for short-range connectivity, High-Accuracy Distance Measurement, and BLE Audio.

Home and smart IoT markets benefit from IEEE 802.15.4 with built-in support for Thread for application-agnostic low-power connections. Matter, the new home and building connectivity standard developed by the Connectivity Standards Alliance, is designed to provide a single IP-based application framework.

Combining all three into a single device allows devices to run over Wi-Fi, be configured using Bluetooth, and have the extensibility for low-power, low-latency IoT experiences with Thread and Matter.

Whether you’re building low-power, battery-operated connectivity products, or high-throughput office solutions that demand the latest wireless video, Synaptics has the products, knowledge, and experience to help you build value-differentiated solutions for users today—while meeting the challenges of tomorrow.

To explore the latest in wireless connectivity innovation and learn what it takes to best meet current and future wireless connectivity requirements, email press@synaptics.com to book time at our IBC Balcony Booth BS17.

Get introduced to an array of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth solutions for today’s most pressing content-delivery challenges, including our award-winning Triple ComboTM three-in-one Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 802.15.4/Thread solution, and our carrier-grade 2.4 GHz CMOS RF front ends.

About the Author

Brandon Bae
Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Wireless

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