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Expanding Range of Applications

Whether the device is in your hands, in your home, on your desk, or in your car, Synaptics' human interface solutions are designed into an ever-expanding range of products from the world’s leading brands in smartphones, smart speakers PCs, automotive, TV service providers, and more.


Whoever's in the driver’s seat will know Synaptics is in the dashboard. Our advanced sensing and display solutions are tailored for automobiles and provide drivers with interactivity and safety-enhancing information.


Audio Headsets & Hearables

With advanced hardware and software solutions, Synaptics is unlocking the potential for greater innovation in the booming headphone market.


AR/VR Headsets

Synaptics provides an end-to-end VR portfolio that includes high-speed wired connectivity from the GPU to the MIPI driven dual 2K display pixels in the HMD.



Manufacturers who truly understand users' smartphone needs are adopting key advancements Synaptics has made in image resolution, interactivity and security.


PC Notebooks/Laptops

Synaptics fingerprint-authentication and touch-navigation technologies empower users with significant security and ease-of-use advantages.


Docking Stations

Synaptics’ solutions for docking stations leverages USB-C to streamline PCs by eliminating custom connectors. Rich audio and secure fingerprint sensing solutions also available.


PC Accessories

Synaptics navigation and user authentication technology is revolutionizing how users interact with PC peripherals.


Set-Top Box & Media Streamers

Synaptics' complete line of VideoSmart multimedia SoCs empowers product developers and service operators with high-performance and swift time-to-market solutions for TVs, set-top boxes, and over-the-top (OTT) streaming devices.


Voice Assistant Devices

Synaptics combines advanced far-field voice processing solutions with smart edge-computing SoC platforms to deliver innovative voice-enabled systems.


Smart Displays

Synaptics delivers a comprehensive solution for smart displays, ranging from the core edge computing SoC with an NPU, to its touchscreen, audio and video and computer vision running on our technologies.


Smart Cameras

Synaptics powers the IoT revolution in camera systems with AI-enabled edge-computing solutions with computer vision, voice and neural network accelerators for a new generation of home security.