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Ubuntu Driver Download

DisplayLink for Ubuntu is distributed in two ways:

  1. From Synaptics APT repository, allowing automatic updates like for the rest of your system, or
  2. With a standalone installer

Synaptics APT Repository

Synaptics APT Repository


Synaptics APT Repository

Ubuntu LTS



To add the repository to your APT sources, first download the "Synaptics APT Repository" package below, then follow these steps to install DisplayLink driver. Note: uninstall the standalone driver version before switching to APT method. 

sudo apt install ./Downloads/synaptics-repository-keyring.deb

Remember to type the correct path to the location of the package on your filesystem.

Then, update your APT cache.

sudo apt update

The next part of the installation of DisplayLink drivers is to proceed with the actual installation using the following command.

sudo apt install displaylink-driver

Standalone Installer

Below is the latest download from DisplayLink for Ubuntu distributions. This release has been prepared to be compatible with Ubuntu. Please see our support page for information on how to install this driver on Ubuntu.

Note: This is a reference driver for supported DisplayLink® USB graphics device that is incorporated in your dock, adapter or monitor. However, please note that your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) provides drivers for your specific monitor, dock or adapter on their website, etc. DisplayLink recommends that you check with your OEM about recommended driver updates for your monitor, dock or adapter. An OEM may not provide technical support for issues that arise from the use of this driver.