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Synaptics Marks 20th Anniversary of IPO with NASDAQ Bell Ringing and Record-Setting Performance

SYNA caps the second decade of its public listing with outstanding performance and yet another acquisition to further solidify its foundation for growth in 2022 and beyond

NEW YORK, Feb. 07, 2022 – Synaptics Incorporated (Nasdaq: SYNA), today marked the 20th anniversary of its initial public offering (IPO) by ringing the opening bell on the floor of the NASDAQ exchange. It was there that its public journey began, 16 years after its founding in 1986 by Silicon Valley legends, Carver Mead and Federico Faggin. Since its IPO, the company has expanded beyond its original analog neural network and touchpad human-machine interface (HMI) foundations to provide a combination of connectivity, intelligent sensing, and advanced processing that has enabled breakthrough products and user experiences across a rapidly growing array of IoT, consumer, mobile, automotive, and PC applications.

Synaptics enters its third decade as a publicly traded company with strong momentum, coming off a banner 2021, fueled by robust growth in its core IoT business. Disciplined financial management and sustained engineering execution saw the company achieve new levels of profitability, while the company’s first ever acquisition of another public company strengthened its product portfolio in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI), voice recognition, and wireless. Synaptics out-performed despite the global challenges presented by the pandemic and supply chain disruptions.

The company’s success in 2021 earned it widespread recognition, including:

“I congratulate Synaptics on executing so well upon the original vision Carver and I had to enable new levels of interaction and experiences between humans and devices,” said Faggin. “The team has grown Synaptics to become a leader in defining how we interact with and experience technology—pushing toward more intuitiveness and, dare I say it, 'consciousness'1 in the machines we rely upon every day.”

“It’s gratifying to see the continued success and innovation of Synaptics more than 35 years after we founded it,” said Mead. “I am proud of the legacy of innovation, customer service, and business acumen that has driven the company’s success over the years and am very excited about the new ways in which sensing, connectivity, and advanced processing techniques are enabling life-changing products. Congratulations to the entire team at Synaptics: 20 years on the public market with accelerating growth is a truly remarkable feat in the dynamic semiconductor business.”

“I am humbled to be at the helm of a company started by two visionaries like Federico and Carver—whose legacies thrive at Synaptics—while being supported by our most valuable asset, more than 1,800 employees worldwide who make all of this success possible,” said CEO Michael Hurlston. “We are well positioned for the future with strong momentum across a diverse group of dynamic markets,” he added. “Our fiercely disciplined but visionary approach to how we address new market opportunities with best-in-class technology has served both our customers and our shareholders, and our goal is to continue to build upon that. Thank you to all who have contributed to our success, past and present, and here’s to the next 20 years!”

1: See Federico’s latest book, “Silicon: From the Invention of the Microprocessor to the New Science of Consciousness

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突触(纳斯达克市场代码: SYNA )开创了人与人之间的关系。智能设备,为高端市场带来创新和直观的用户体验。 Synaptics广泛的触摸,显示,生物识别,语音,视频,视觉,人工智能,音频和连接产品组合建立在公司丰富的研发,广泛的IP和可靠的供应链功能之上。通过为智能家居,智能手机,PC和外围设备以及汽车市场设计的解决方案,Synaptics结合了易用性,功能性和美观性,从而使产品能够使我们的数字生活更加高效,安全和愉悦。

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