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Synaptics Extends Leadership in High-Performance Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3 IoT Device Connectivity

The SYN43711 SoC delivers best-in-class rate-over-range and interoperability in a cost-effective form factor for secure consumer, industrial, and enterprise systems

San Jose, California, Nov 8, 2023 – Synaptics® Incorporated (Nasdaq: SYNA) today announced the expansion of its industry-leading wireless connectivity family for the Internet of Things (IoT) with the introduction of the SYN43711. This Wi-Fi™ 6E and Bluetooth™ 5.3 combo system on chip (SoC) adds to the portfolio of products tailored for the high-performance segment of the market. The SYN43711 explicitly targets use cases that demand superior Wi-Fi throughput and range with seamless network interoperability. Specific applications include high-end home appliances, surveillance cameras, robots, and other consumer, industrial, and enterprise systems.

SYN43711 Wi-Fi Bluetooth Combo chip “Wireless is integral to Synaptics' comprehensive ‘Sense, Process, Connect’ strategy and product portfolio for the IoT,” said Brandon Bae, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Synaptics. “The SYN43711 is a high-performance Wi-Fi and Bluetooth solution that enables a broader range of network edge applications. These include video distribution, where consistently high throughput is required, and AI-enabled compute, where data must be communicated securely and reliably with low latency.”

The SYN43711 is a single-stream (1x1, 600 Mbps) device that complements Synaptics’ dual-stream (2x2, 1200 Mbps) SYN43756E and award-winning Triple Combo™ (SYN438x series). The SYN43711 gives customers a more cost-effective, small-form-factor option.

Innovations include support for Wi-Fi Sensing, using a proprietary algorithm to analyze Channel State Information (CSI). The algorithm allows any Wi-Fi-connected embedded device to detect the presence of humans, estimate their motion, approximate their location, and sense subtle gestures and movements, like breathing.

Tri-band combo supports the latest requirements
The SYN43711 operates in the 2.4, 5, and 6 GHz bands and features Synaptics’ Smart Co-Ex™ technology for unmatched Wi-Fi/Bluetooth coexistence. It is IEEE 802.11ax compliant and supports Bluetooth 5.3 with LE Audio for multiple concurrent Bluetooth connections and audio streams, including Auracast™. A shared Wi-Fi and Bluetooth receive signal path eliminates the need for an external RF switch while maintaining high sensitivity.

The SYN43711 is available in the two most widely used WLBGA packages: standard and plated-through-hole (PTH) compatible. PTH lowers PCB implementation costs.

Synaptics’ SYN43711 is sampling to key customers now, with production quantities available in Q1, 2024. For more information:


突触(纳斯达克市场代码: SYNA )开创了人与人之间的关系。智能设备,为高端市场带来创新和直观的用户体验。 Synaptics广泛的触摸,显示,生物识别,语音,视频,视觉,人工智能,音频和连接产品组合建立在公司丰富的研发,广泛的IP和可靠的供应链功能之上。通过为智能家居,智能手机,PC和外围设备以及汽车市场设计的解决方案,Synaptics结合了易用性,功能性和美观性,从而使产品能够使我们的数字生活更加高效,安全和愉悦。

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