This past year will be remembered for many things, and chief among them is the impact it has had on how we work. Remote and mobile working has become a new reality for most office workers who don’t need to physically collaborate or perform direct customer facing activities. The on-line hiring firm Upwork did some research recently that revealed 42.8% of the American workforce remains fully remote, and HR and managers believe that 26.7% of the…

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Category: Touch, HMI

The pandemic lockdown has had far-reaching ramifications across all aspects of our lives, including how we work and learn. WFH has become a catch-all acronym to describe any kind of remote or hybrid working model, as businesses and workers attempt to replicate the in-office experience. Meanwhile, students of all ages have been forced to log-in from home and access new types of learning platforms and experiences. 

This trend has caused…

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An interesting but typically lesser known part of the Synaptics business is in the technology that enables products which connect PCs and various peripherals – monitors, keyboards, headsets, cameras, printers, etc. The latest docking stations, hubs, dongles, converters and adaptors don’t usually get the same headlines as the devices that they link, but they’ve taken on new prominence in this era of work and school from home. Consumers are…

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Category: IoT

Since its inception, Synaptics has always been a leader in how people interact with their machines – we are known widely as the HMI leader. Our lasting legacy will probably always be around our expertise in touch technology – we’re the company that brought you the original TouchPad on laptops. But we are also behind many of the capacitance sensing, display and identification technologies that are second nature to consumers now.…

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It’s that time of year again for the big IBC conference in Amsterdam and we’re really excited to meet with our key customers and the service providers that deliver all of the wonderful entertainment to our smart living rooms and smart devices. This is an excellent show for Synaptics because it brings together under one roof just about all of our partners in the media streaming world so that we can…

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