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Synaptics Showcases Productivity, Power Saving, and Security Enhancing Solutions for the Work-From-Anywhere Era at Dell Technologies World 2023

Emphasizes user presence detection along with a range of AI-enabled sensing, processing, and connectivity for the IoT, PC, enterprise, and the hybrid workforce

LAS VEGAS, Nevada, May 22 2023 – Synaptics® Incorporated (Nasdaq: SYNA) will showcase at Dell Technologies World 2023 a suite of state-of-the-art solutions for productivity, power efficiency, security, and ease of use for the enterprise and mobile workforce. Built upon a deep relationship with Dell, the solutions include artificial intelligence (AI)-based user presence detection (UPD) benefiting users of laptops and all-in-one PCs, as well as innovations in touch- and force-sensing trackpads with haptics and AI-enabled accidental contact mitigation (palm rejection), docking stations, smart signage, and approaches to unified video and voice communications. All enhance the user experience through more intuitive and responsive interactions with frictionless security and AI-enabled features, while also meeting the scalability and efficiency needs of the enterprise.

Dell Technologies World: Learn more about Synaptics’ latest advances in context-aware computing, docking, unified communications, and edge AI technology in Booth #1520, and follow us on LinkedIn.

“We are proud to be a sponsor of Dell Technologies World as we share a vision of how to innovate and bring to market differentiated products with the capabilities and features customers need at a time of rapid change,” said Saleel Awsare, Senior VP and GM, PC and Peripherals Division at Synaptics. “The AI-enabled sensing, processing, and connectivity solutions that we’ll be showcasing at the event deliver the very best experience through intuitive technology that integrates seamlessly to deliver value to the enterprise and end-users alike.”

A specific highlight will be context-aware edge-based computing that uses AI for advanced UPD features that improve security and battery life in laptops without transmitting any personally identifiable information (PII). Synaptics’ always-on, ultra-low-power machine learning (ML) algorithms allow laptops to wake only when the authorized user is engaged, intelligently reduce screen power when the user is not looking, and dynamically hide sensitive information from prying eyes. With the company’s contextual AI sensing, the PC becomes smarter, more personalized, more secure, and more energy-efficient so users can most effectively navigate modern work life without impacting IT administrators’ confidence in the integrity of the device.

Join Synaptics’ Whit Hutson for a UPD session in Dell World Theater 1 on Tuesday at 2 pm. Learn the benefits and implementation process for UPD, as well as future directions for intelligent ambient sensing.

Synaptics’ Dell Technologies World highlights:

  • User presence detection (UPD)
  • Vega capacitive touch- and force-sensing technology with integrated haptics and AI-enabled accidental contact mitigation
  • Multi-platform, quad-display docking with smart capability and support for any platform and any OS
  • Docking solutions with built-in IoT connectivity that can intelligently show device status and workshop availability and proactively notify IT of problems
  • Unified video and voice communication & collaboration (UCC) systems that combine rich multimedia capabilities with ultra-low-power ULE, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth wireless connectivity to make collaboration intuitive and seamless
  • Smart displays that use AI to highlight the most appropriate content for viewers, improving the user experience for a range of display use cases in the office and in public spaces

Synaptics’ technologies are available now. To find out more:



突触(纳斯达克市场代码: SYNA )开创了人与人之间的关系。智能设备,为高端市场带来创新和直观的用户体验。 Synaptics广泛的触摸,显示,生物识别,语音,视频,视觉,人工智能,音频和连接产品组合建立在公司丰富的研发,广泛的IP和可靠的供应链功能之上。通过为智能家居,智能手机,PC和外围设备以及汽车市场设计的解决方案,Synaptics结合了易用性,功能性和美观性,从而使产品能够使我们的数字生活更加高效,安全和愉悦。

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