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Synaptics Showcases AI-Enabled Vega Technology for Intuitive and Responsive Haptic Trackpads at Dell Technologies World

The technology combines capacitive touch- and force-sensing technology with LRA haptic output for large, low-latency touch sensors in large, slim form factors with “click anywhere” capability

LAS VEGAS, Nevada, May 22 2023 – Synaptics® Incorporated (Nasdaq: SYNA) today announced that it is showcasing its Vega capacitive touch- and force-sensing technology with integrated haptics for intuitive and responsive trackpads at Dell Technologies World this week. By combining capacitive touch and force sensing on a single artificial intelligence (AI) enabled integrated circuit (IC), the secure NIST-SP800-193-compliant implementation reduces latency, improves palm rejection, and allows pressure measurement for a more seamless and intuitive user experience. The integrated linear resonant actuator (LRA) haptic output lowers total cost, saves space, and simplifies manufacturing. The resulting approach delivers accurate, reliable, and uniform “click anywhere” capability to meet user interface requirements for flexibility and accessibility as mobile PC trackpads increase in area.

Dell Technologies World: Learn more about Vega technology and Synaptics’ latest advances in wireless, docking, unified communications, and edge AI technology in Booth 1520, or follow us on LinkedIn.

“Vega is the latest innovation to emerge from our strategy to leverage advanced design, integration, and now AI techniques to advance the state-of-the-art in computing,” said Saleel Awsare, Senior VP and GM, PC and Peripherals Division at Synaptics. “We look forward to showing how it delivers in that most critical of roles—the user interface experience.”

With AI built-in, Vega allows designers and OEMs to further enhance their touch- and force-sensing solutions with features such as AI-enabled accidental contact mitigation (ACM-AI).

Vega key features and benefits

  • First ForcePad with haptics for PCs enables slim form factors with reliable click-anywhere capability as trackpad surface area continues to increase
  • Capacitive force and touch integration ensures low-latency response
  • Integrated haptics lowers BOM, reduces space, and streamlines manufacturability
  • NIST-SP800-193 compliant firmware security prevents user interface hacking
  • Combination of force and touch allows accurate palm rejection as well as dynamic control of click threshold based on user behavior
  • Windows 11 has GUI to control haptic feedback for click; also supports Chrome OS
  • Supports Synaptics Gesture Suite™, including force-enhanced gestures that take advantage of Vega technology’s multi-finger pressure-detection capabilities

Synaptics’ Vega technology is available now:

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