Natural ID
Fingerprint Sensors

Verifying identity and making secure electronic transactions once were primarily the domain of simple passwords and personal identification numbers -- all inevitably at risk of being compromised. A compelling alternative to those imperfect methods is biometrics, which enables a user's fingerprint to replace a password or PIN. Synaptics is leading the charge in this emerging field with its Natural ID solutions that combine biometrics and advanced encryption into a series of fingerprint-authentication sensors enabling applications with high levels of security, ease of use and cost efficiency.

Features & Benefits

Advanced Security

SentryPoint comprises an array of features – encryption, Match-in-Sensor architecture, anti-spoof technology, and more – delivering industry-leading security and fingerprint authentication solutions.

Ease of Use

Synaptics' renowned innovation in touch-sensing technology and history of delivering rich user experiences means simplicity, intuitiveness and fast authentication in applications where protection is crucial.

Design Flexibility

Natural ID fingerprint sensors come in a range of form factors, so they can be located anywhere on a device -- even be designed into a smartphone’s volume control or on/off switch.


Synaptics expertise in capacitive- touch sensing continues to yield speed, accuracy and versatility in fingerprint authentication, and enables touch gestures found only in touchpads and touchscreens.

Under Glass

Synaptics Sensors can work underneath cover glass, making it possible to eliminate the home- button cutout. The result? Sleek, edge-to-edge touchscreens with no penetration of moisture or dust.

Global Ecosystem

Synaptics works with industry partners and promotes worldwide standards to ensure Natural ID operates reliably and cohesively in the global online transaction and mobile payment ecosystems.

The Natural ID Family

Providing intelligent devices with the broadest array of fingerprint-authentication options, Synaptics Natural ID sensors are available in three lines, each with a distinct feature set.

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  • Standard Buttons -- enables fingerprint sensing on standard coated buttons
  • Under Glass -- superior capcitive sensing supports ceramic and glass buttons for attractive industrial design
  • Under Cover Lens -- advanced technology allows fingerprint sensing through the cover lens for seamless, full height displays

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