Things We Dream About

At Synaptics, we dream about the future -- a future shaped both by our successes with the human interface and by where we envision it going. Moreover, we imagine that future from the user perspective, with keen awareness that intuitiveness, effortlessness and security must remain at the forefront of technological innovation. In many cases, the future is now; Synaptics human-interface technology already is reaching new markets, such as automotive electronics, wearable technology, and the next generation of personal communications devices. Still, we just can't help imagining a future of staggering advancements in the human interface.

Background Authentication

Imagine the convenience of instant access to your home, car or place of work, or making a secure online transaction without the need to deliberately enter credentials -- all because your device already "knows" who you are.

In-Display Fingerprint Sensors

Imagine the simplicity and elegance of smartphones and tablets where the entire display is also a fingerprint sensor, yielding edge-to-edge display surfaces and allowing users to authenticate themselves anywhere on the screen.

The Next Interface

Imagine technology that goes beyond touch, sight and sound, using artificial intelligence to recognize and respond accordingly to body movements, temperature changes and other environmental elements, making it seem as if your device can read your mind.

Sensor Integration

Imagine the high degree of contextual awareness provided by an array of sensors -- both on and off device -- that work in harmony to collect and process information about the world so that your device can anticipate your needs.

Phases of the Human Interface

The human interface has evolved dramatically -- from simple interaction with a device to a more user-focused personalization, and is heading steadily toward full contextual awareness of the user's environment.