Synaptics and Nok Nok Labs work together to enable the Future of Mobile Authentication

FIDOTM pioneers partner to deliver next-generation fingerprint sensor authentication for mobile devices

13 February, Palo Alto – Nok Nok Labs, an innovator in Modern Authentication and founding member of the FIDO Alliance, has today announced a strategic partnership with Synaptics, a leader in human interface solutions. Synaptics entered the fingerprint identification market with the acquisition of Validity Sensors, Inc, a founding member of the FIDO Alliance, in November 2013.

Nok Nok Labs and Synaptics are partnering to address the ongoing challenge of mobile authentication. As global smartphone growth continues, with over 1 billion smartphones sold in 2013 , the ongoing challenge of how to enable seamless mobile payments and commerce solutions is exacerbated. A recent study shows that over 66% of consumers have tried and failed to complete a transaction on a smartphone or tablet , with a significant number of these failures a result of poorly designed or implemented authentication solutions.

The new joint solution will allow Synaptic’s Natural ID Fingerprint Sensors to interact with the NNL™ Multifactor Authentication Client (MFAC), providing a fully integrated FIDO Ready™ solution for smartphone manufacturers looking to add strong, seamless authentication to Online Services from their mobile devices.

Nok Nok Labs and Synaptics are founding board members of the FIDO Alliance. Launched in February 2013, the FIDO Alliance is developing a new industry open standard to address the lack of interoperability of existing authentication solutions and the challenges users face with multiple usernames and passwords. This new open standard for strong, easy to use authentication will enable websites and cloud applications to interface with a wide variety of existing and future FIDO-enabled devices and technologies.

“Nok Nok Labs has been working with Synaptics to deliver an enhanced Fingerprint Sensor solution, based around the FIDO ReadyTM protocols,” said Phillip Dunkelberger, President & CEO, Nok Nok Labs, “Synaptics’ deep experience of human interface solutions has strengthened this partnership and what we’re enabling will allow smartphone manufacturers to deliver the seamless authentication solution their customers are looking for.”

“As we reach the first anniversary of the public launch of the FIDO Alliance, our partnership shows how the vision of the founding members is being executed,” said Rick Bergman, President & CEO, Synaptics, “By combining our market-leading fingerprint id technology with Nok Nok Lab’s authentication infrastructure, we are able to present the market with an end to end solution to the mobile authentication challenge.”


About Synaptics
As a leading developer of human interface solutions which enhance the user experience, Synaptics provides the broadest solutions portfolio in the industry. The ClearPad family supports touchscreen solutions for devices ranging from entry-level mobile phones to flagship premium smartphones, tablets and notebook PCs. The TouchPad family, including ClickPad™ and ForcePad®, is integrated into the majority of today’s notebook PCs. Synaptics LiveFlex® fingerprint sensor technology enables authentication, mobile payments, and touch-based navigation for smartphones, tablets, and notebook PCS. Synaptics’ wide portfolio also includes ThinTouch® supporting thin and light keyboard solutions, as well as key technologies for next generation touch-enabled video and display applications. (NASDAQ: SYNA)


About Nok Nok Labs Nok Nok Labs, Inc., based in Palo Alto, CA, was founded to transform online authentication for modern computing. The company is backed by a team of security industry veterans from PGP, Netscape, Oracle, PayPal and Phoenix that have deep experience in building Internet scale security protocols and products. The company’s ambition is to enable end-to-end trust across the web using authentication methods that are natural to end-users and provide strong proof of identity. For more information, visit

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