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Edge Processing with AI will Expand Use of Consumer IoT

Sep 16, 2019

By Vineet Ganju

IoT device makers know the benefits of edge-based processing, but until now, many of the challenges in terms of cost, performance and security have made it impractical for implementing in consumer products and systems.  IoT Intelligence MovesThe shift toward more use of edge processing in conjunction with cloud connectivity has begun in earnest, as evidenced by the adoption of Synaptics solutions in this space by leading device makers and platform suppliers.  By using advanced AI-based neural networks to enable edge-based IoT, chip suppliers are able to offer a broad and integrated solution to address the challenges of traditional cloud-only architectures.  This type of advanced human interface functionality can be cost-effectively implemented in a wide range of devices that improve and secure our lives. Read the entire story in Embedded Computing Design Magazine, IoT Intelligence Moves Toward the Edge, as authored by Vineet Ganju, VP of Marketing for Edge Computing SoCs at Synaptics. 

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Vineet Ganju
VP of Marketing, Smart Edge AI

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