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September 10, 2019

It’s that time of year again for the big IBC conference in Amsterdam and we’re really excited to meet with our key customers and the service providers that deliver all of the wonderful entertainment to our smart living rooms and smart devices. This is an excellent show for Synaptics because it brings together under one roof just about all of our partners in the media streaming world so that we can... Read more

August 30, 2019
Category: IoT, Audio, Voice

Federico Faggin and Carver Mead founded Synaptics over thirty years ago to commercialize their ideas around building silicon that computes as effectively as the human brain. This focus on enabling devices to mimic human cognitive capabilities persists at Synaptics to this day. 

Younger engineers today may not know our co-founders, but they are industry giants. ... Read more

August 30, 2019
Category: IoT, Audio, Voice

三十多年前,弗得里克·法金先生(Federico Faggin)和卡沃·米德先生(Carver Mead)从事硅方面的研究,旨在开发计算能力不逊人脑的硅片;嗣后,两位创始人创立了新突思(Synaptics,以下简称新突思)公司,旨在将这一想法走向商业化。时至今日,新突思一直致力于使机械设备能够模仿人类的认知能力。

两位联合创始人可谓是业界巨擘,当然,如今的年轻工程师可能对他们并不熟悉。弗得里克·法金先生在英特尔开发了世界上第一款商用微处理器,这为他的事业铺平了道路。随后,他与人合伙创立了Zilog,这家公司在20世纪80年代制造了家用电脑广泛应用的Z80 8位微处理器。卡沃·米德先生是加州理工学院教授,他在晶体管超大规模集成(VLSI)方面进行了开创性的研究,这是现代微芯片的关键技术。他与人合著了第一本晶体管超大规模集成教科书,这本教科书已广泛沿用了数十年。之后,他开始探索将这些晶体管作为模拟器件用来模拟生物计算系统的潜力,开创了神经形态计算领域。... Read more

April 26, 2018
Category: IoT, Audio, Voice

You can be forgiven for being surprised by how fast and wide the “voice assistant” market has grown, also known as Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) and Artificial Intelligence(AI). Few anticipated the breakneck speed with which the multitude of intelligent, voice-controlled products have come to market.

But we saw it coming a mile away!

Synaptics recognized early on the immense potential for voice assistants, as evidenced by... Read more

December 5, 2017

Not long ago, I wrote here on what I regard as the four dimensions of the human-interface revolution: interaction, personalization, contextual awareness, and omnipresence. Those four dimensions, not coincidentally, also portray the scope of the Synaptics vision: advancing the... Read more