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July 21, 2015
Category: Biometrics

Secure Fingerprint AuthenticationThomas Jefferson, in the Declaration of Independence, is famously credited with the assertion that all men are created equal. That time-honored position on equality, however, doesn’t necessarily apply to biometric security, because not all fingerprint authentication is created equal.

In the biometrics... Read more

May 21, 2015
Category: Biometrics

Technology is moving at an unprecedented pace, especially the technology that allows people to interact with devices such as your smartphone.

To understand why we need to improve human interface, let’s review the market dynamics that are driving the changes in our world. Today, technology advances are not in steps, but in leaps.

Remember the time it took to get from the computer to laptop? And then from mobile phones, to smart... Read more

April 16, 2015
Category: Biometrics

Biometrics EcosystemThere’s no question that fingerprint ID technology is proliferating quickly throughout the mobile sector. IHS research suggests that the number of fingerprint sensor-enabled devices will increase from 317 million units in 2014 to 1.4 billion by 2020, and we’ll only continue to see an explosion in the demand for current... Read more

January 8, 2015
Category: Biometrics, Touch

While many opt to ring in the first week of 2015 with clubs, casinos and performances in Las Vegas, Synaptics is in town for the most exciting show of them all.

This week marks the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), where all the major players in the technology industry gather every January to showcase the latest and greatest innovations. Synaptics joined the party on Sunday at CES Unveiled and has been featuring smart display,... Read more