Revolutionary Innovation

From our imagination to your experience: Since our founding, innovation has been a cornerstone of the Synaptics mission. That focus on innovation has fostered ingenuity and spawned an expansive portfolio of patented human interface solutions, enriching users' technology experiences, enhancing their productivity and ensuring their information is secure. The fruits of this innovation are found in these core Synaptics advancements: renowned touch, display and security solutions.

Touch Sensing

Synaptics defined itself through ground-breaking inventions. Capacitive touch sensing launched the touchpad and is virtually ubiquitous in today’s intelligent devices. Capacitive touch continues to serve as a foundation for innovation from Synaptics.


Display Driver Technology

Synaptics's uncompromising display driver technology makes displays richer and more vibrant, while improving an intelligent device's battery life.


Display Integration

Thinner. Brighter. Simpler. By integrating touch and display technologies into a unified solution, Synaptics gives smartphones and tablets superior performance and cost efficiencies for broad market appeal.


Security Suite

Safeguarding biometrics data can't be taken for granted; safe access and secure transactions made with intelligent devices require simple yet powerful solutions. With Synaptics Security Suite, users don't have to decide between security and convenience.