Synaptics’ PC product portfolio includes the TouchPad™, a capacitive touch-sensitive pad that senses the position and movement of a person’s finger on its surface; the ClickPad™, a derivative of the TouchPad, eliminates the need for physical buttons; the TouchStyk, a self-contained, easily integrated pointing stick module used where a TouchPad does not fit and is popular with corporate users who demand “dual pointing” (TouchPad and TouchStyk) solutions.


Our TouchStyk is a proprietary pointing stick interface solution for PC notebooks. TouchStyk is a self-contained, easily integrated module that uses capacitive technology similar to that of our TouchPad. TouchStyk is enabled with press-to-select and tap-to-click capabilities and can be easily integrated into multiple computing and communications devices. In addition, our design greatly reduces susceptibility to electromagnetic interference, thereby providing greater pointing accuracy and preventing the pointer from drifting when not in use. Our modular approach allows OEMs to include our TouchPad, our TouchStyk, or a combination of both interfaces (dual pointing) in their products.

Dual Pointing Solutions

Our dual pointing solutions offer a TouchPad with a pointing stick (TouchStyk) in a single notebook computer, enabling users to select their interface of choice. Our dual pointing solutions also provide the end user the ability to use both interfaces interchangeably in an integrated user experience and control panel. Our dual pointing solutions provide the following advantages:

  • Cost-effective and simplified OEM integration
  • Simplified OEM product line because one device contains both solutions
  • Single-source supplier, which eliminates compatibility issues
  • End user flexibility because one notebook can address both user preferences
    • We have developed two solutions for use in the dual pointing market. Our first solution integrates all the electronics for controlling a third-party resistive strain gauge pointing stick onto our TouchPad PCB. This solution simplifies OEM integration by eliminating the need to procure the pointing stick electronics from another party and physically integrate them into the notebook. Our second dual pointing solution uses our TouchStyk rather than a third-party pointing stick and offers the same simplified OEM integration. The second solution is a completely modular design, allowing OEMs to offer TouchPad-only, TouchStyk-only, or dual pointing solutions on a build-to-order basis.