Creating the sensory canvas that helps create richer experiences

Seamless touch experience with broadest portfolio

Synaptics Large Touchscreen™ solution portfolio offers the broadest and most advanced variety of clear capacitive sensing solutions. A Large Touchscreen sensor provides an easy-to-use, discoverable interface for screen navigation, selection, interactive input, and much more. Users activate the underlying graphical user interface buttons and controls by touch.

These high-resolution touchscreen solutions bring users:

  • Rich functionality in a limited space
  • High-resolution multi-touch performance to PCs and PC peripherals
  • Market-appropriate variation
  • Large Touchscreen Features and Benefits

    • Broadest and Most Stable Portfolio—Choose from single, dual or multi-touch capabilities
    • Noise Mitigation—Improves overall device usability and integration options by minimizing touchscreen sensitivity issues associated with noisy handset power supplies and environmental and display noise
    • Easy Integration—Mount Touchscreen panels beneath a product’s casing for a sleek, smooth appearance
    • Accurate—Delivers best-in-class accuracy, including resolutions of 500+ DPI, without requiring calibration
    • Durable—Touchscreen sensors, mounted beneath a device’s top plastic, can be designed with a glass or PET substrate
    • Low Power—Doze, sleep, and deep sleep modes maximize battery life and use less energy

    Large Touchscreens in the industry

    The Large touchscreen industry has been rapidly growing, and is predicted to continue that way. Many companies have been developing their own form of the tablet. Smaller tablets which range from 7’’-10’’ and larger ones are 10’’+ in size. There are also Hybrid/Transformer tablets which are tablets that include a keyboard to act more like a notebook. Most tablets in the market now are running Android or Web OS. These tablet operating systems offer tons of apps similar to apps available to mobile phones. Windows 8 is another operating system that is highly anticipated, and will shake up the tablet industry in the near future.

    Windows 8 Touch

    Windows 8 is going to be a new “Touch first” foundational user experience. The Touch capability will have the same priority as using a keyboard and mouse. This “Touch First” change will make ordinary laptops or PC’s have the same functionalities as tablets. The new Windows 8 will have a Touch application ecosystem that will support “Windows Touch”, and includes IHVs and Application developers. Synaptics is a partner of the Windows 8 co-development that can enable both TouchScreen & TouchPad. Synaptics has also been featured as a Microsoft Co-Engineering Partner at the Windows Build Conference. At this event, Microsoft unveiled the key new features of Windows 8, highlighting the new user experience driven by touch.

    Click here for more information on Synaptics and Windows 8.

    Product Core Features Touchpoints Size (up to) Application Product Brief
    Series 7 - ClearPad solutions for large touchscreen applications
    7020 Premium multi-touch 10+ 8.2 in Entry-level tablets, ebooks Download
    7300 Premium multi-touch 10+ 12 in Premium tablets, touch-enabled notebooks

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