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Synaptics provides a comprehensive, start-to-finish suite of tools to help you simplify your process and deliver innovative products faster. The Synaptics Tools Suite delivers:

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Synaptics TouchExplorer is an Android-based application enabling performance demonstration and evaluation of all touch controllers on any Android device. With immediate visual feedback to finger presence and movements on the device, one can assess touch performance at your fingertips. All finger movements are logged and accessible through the application for further analysis.

Features included:

  • Touch
    TouchExplorerThis test detects and tracks all fingers on the sensor, displaying their current locations on the screen along with their corresponding coordinates. Displayed locations should match the physical location of the finger on the sensor. Poor performing sensors would show finger locations where the physical finger is not actually touching. As a finger moves around the touchscreen, the displayed finger locations should track smoothly.
  • Draw
    TouchExplorerThis test connects consecutive locations touched by the same finger, as long as the finger is not lifted away from the device. Lines should appear as smooth as possible with minimal or no unexpected edges or zigzags, which usually happens when the sensor fails to report coordinates of fast moving fingers. Notice how many points are being not reported – there should be one solid smooth line. For poorer performing solutions, one can see gaps between the dots, which represent locations where fingers are not reported. This means that the touch controller is not picking up all finger events which can equate to a choppy user interaction.
  • Linearity
    TouchExplorerThis test calculates linearity error as a finger moves across the sensor. The resulting line is compared to a perfectly straight line – in an ideal situation, when the finger is moving perfectly straight, the resulting line that is drawn should also be perfectly straight. Linearity error refers to the delta between the reported coordinates and the expected coordinate as the finger is moving along a straight line. It is suggested to move the finger diagonally across the sensor corner-to-corner for best coverage.
  • Motion Events
    TouchExplorerThis test displays finger coordinates, the action detected, and timestamps. This information can be logged to an SD card for further processing. Often times, the phone/touchscreen is placed in mechanical setups that precisely move a simulated finger slug – this logged data can be used to see how accurate the actual finger position is versus what the touch controller is reporting.
  • Device Information
    TouchExplorerThis feature displays the manufacturer, model, Android OS version, display size, DPI, and app version of TouchExplorer.
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