The Synaptics Tools Suite

Synaptics provides a comprehensive, start-to-finish suite of tools to help you simplify your process and deliver innovative products faster. The Synaptics Tools Suite delivers:

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  • Faster Time-to-Market
    The tools suite simplifies the process of touch design into an intuitive user experience that takes you from beginning to end while mitigating potentially irrevocable problems that may happen down the line.
  • Greater Flexibility
    The tools suite also gives system integrators flexibility in what the touchscreen can do to help make designs unique, allowing for timely customization of Synaptics offerings to meet customer needs.
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
    Get a holistic view of all aspects of touchscreen design, as well as potential problems down the line, for less time spent debugging issues, reduced sample builds, and reduced cost of taking a touch-enabled product out to market.
  • Built-In Production Test Capability
    Testing for production is included in the tool for reducing yield loss and test escapes.
  • SignalClarity™
    Our patented SignalClarity technology provides extremely robust performance against electrical noise, moisture, and temperature variations.

The Synaptics Tool Suite allows customers and partners to generate and simulate sensor patterns, bring-up, tune, configure, explore, and test ClearPad sensors to ensure optimal design—all while staying tightly integrated with your industrial design and performance specifications.