Inventing new human experiences through innovation and collaboration


Synaptics explores a new technology through the filter of the human experience. How will people use it?
How easily will they interact with it? How will they feel about it?

Each of our technologies is engineered with a view to enhance the end-user’s interaction with the device.
For us, it’s not just about what the technology does, it’s about what it does for people.


Capacitive Sensing

Synaptics is a world leader in capacitive touch sensing technology. This patented technology is at the heart of our industry-standard TouchPad products and other solutions.

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Clear Sensing

The versatility of Synaptics capacitive sensing technology makes it ideal for handheld devices that require a clear, durable touchscreen sensor.

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Near Field Communications

Our TouchPad™ sensor can be integrated with Near Field Communications (NFC) antenna so it can be integrate as a single solution.

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The Synaptics ThinTouch™ keyboard technology is 40% thinner than the conventional keyboard.

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Synaptics TouchButtons™ capacitive sensors are intuitive interfaces that simplify and enrich various product applications including notebook PCs, PC peripherals, and handheld devices.

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TouchStyk & Dual Pointing

The TouchStyk is a self-contained, easily integrated pointing stick module used where a TouchPad does not fit and is popular with corporate users who demand “dual pointing” (TouchPad and TouchStyk) solutions.

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Synaptics Gesture Suite

Our Synaptics Gesture Suite™ (SGS), provides users with an intuitive way to interact productively with their notebook computer TouchPads.

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