Advancing the human interface with intelligent device technologies

Touch, display and biometrics that integrate and optimize system value

Synaptics thrives on innovation, in the technologies we create and in the company itself.

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Within a very short time, we’ve seen explosive changes in the devices that people interact with every day. We’ve helped accelerate the evolution of those devices for OEMs and their end users throughout the world. And we’ve expanded our capabilities to make those devices even more integrated, more intuitive, and more secure through our touch, display and biometrics solutions.

At Synaptics, we’re driven by a passion to win. We continue to lead the world in advancing human interface technologies for many different digital devices. Our goals? Make it reliable. Make it effortless. Make it scalable. Make it influential. And above all, make it human.

Our core products and markets

Synaptics collaborates with OEMs around the world to engineer and develop touchscreens, TouchPads, and biometrics. Integrated into a myriad of products including smartphones, tablets, notebook PCs, and now, automobiles and wearables, Synaptics technologies are helping to advance the human interface experience.