Social Responsibility

Synaptics is committed to operating our organization in a fair, socially responsible manner at all levels. Download a PDF of the Synaptics Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) Code of Conduct.

Ensuring a diverse workforce

Synaptics recruits a global workforce that promotes innovation, diversity, and teamwork. We recruit, integrate, and develop a global workforce. Employee rotations provide enriched skill, career, and cultural exchanges.

Supporting our communities

Synaptics and its employees support worldwide organizations and causes that enrich the lives of communities and people. Synaptics provides volunteers and fundraising to support organizations and selected causes. Employees lead these organizations and causes locally, and Synaptics partners with sponsored programs for support.

Watch a video of Synaptics participation at the 2010 International Science and Engineering Fair:

Protecting the environment

Synaptics creates and manufactures products that enhance how people interface with intelligent devices—while meeting the challenges of environmental sustainability. Our commitment to the environment includes product design, packaging, waste management, effective office building management, and corporate recycling programs.

Our corporate governance

Synaptics enjoys an open culture with a mindset of trust, dignity, and adherence to corporate policies. Synaptics has active governance programs relating to our code of conduct, harassment, whistleblowing, insider trading policies, and other critical areas. Our goal is to support and promote integrity and policy compliance with our employees, shareholders, partners, customers, and governmental agencies.