Enhancing the usability of an indispensible work device

Notebook PC Solutions

Reinventing the Human-Computer Interface (HCI)

Synaptics PC solutions raise the bar for notebook and Ultrabook interfaces. From our groundbreaking ForcePad® solution built for the demands of Windows 8 to our ThinTouch® keyboard to our leading edge ClearPad™ 7, Synaptics technology is enabling all new capabilities in today’s most advanced devices.

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TouchPad Family

Synaptics has been a leading innovator in notebook interfaces, from developing the original TouchPad in 1995 to eliminating buttons in the ClickPad™. Today we continue to introduce new innovations.

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Windows 8

The Synaptics Gesture Suite (SGS 12.3) provides users with a powerful and intuitive way to be more productive and interactive with their Windows 8 notebook systems.

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Natural ID

Synaptics’ Natural ID fingerprint identification solutions combine strong security for device login and online identity protection with simple, intuitive ease-of-use.

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