Natural ID™ Fingerprint Identification Solutions

Fingerprint authentication protects the user’s identity, while simplifying the User Experience for electronic devices. By replacing complex and cumbersome passwords with a touch of the finger, it provides a speedy and intuitive mechanism to unlock devices and access online services such as retail, banking, and social media portals.

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Synaptics’ Natural ID fingerprint identification solutions combine strong security for device login and online identity protection with simple, intuitive ease-of-use. The broad portfolio of Natural ID products is designed to address the needs for advanced security and user convenience for smartphones, tablets, and notebook PCs.

The highest levels of security are built into every facet of the Natural ID products. Very high image quality is enabled by next-generation capacitive imaging technology. Proprietary image processing and matching algorithms ensure industry-leading FAR/FRR performance. Cryptographic features are available for enterprise-class applications. Synaptics’ expertise in user experience design delivers all this security in a user-friendly package.

The Natural ID solution delivers:

  • High-Performance Fingerprint Imaging: advanced capacitive imaging technology and sophisticated digital image processing deliver high-quality images for high-performance matching and security.
  • LiveFlex™ Technology: Separates the fingerprint sensing element from the fingerprint controller IC, enabling greater flexibility in the size and shape of the fingerprint sensing module.
  • Integration Options: The broad portfolio of products includes encapsulated button modules for smartphone and tablets, as well as fixed CoF designs for PC Notebooks. Low-profile and small-footprint packages, along with flexible LiveFlex sensors, allow integration into tight and challenging spaces.
  • Online-Transaction Ready: Natural ID sensors are compliant with FIDO, the industry-standard for online transactions. FIDO-compliant websites and web apps seamlessly interact with the fingerprint sensor to replace cumbersome and hard-to-remember passwords.

The Natural ID product portfolio is backed by Synaptics’ deep system integration expertise, User Experience design capability, and the reliability and scale to successfully service the fingerprint authentication needs of top-tier OEMs and high-volume programs.