Closing the gap between funcitonality and ease-of-use

Smartphone Solutions

Synaptics ClearPad™ touchscreen solutions offer the broadest and most advanced portfolio of clear capacitive sensing technologies, as featured on the world’s first capacitive touchscreen phone. ClearPad provides an easy-to-use, discoverable interface for screen navigation, selection, interactive input, and much more. Users activate the underlying graphical user interface buttons and controls by touch. ClearPad touchscreen solutions enable rich, dynamic and intuitive interfaces with high-resolution multi-touch performance.

Systems Expertise

We develop and enhance interface technologies that enrich the user’s experience in interacting with the user’s mobile computing, communications, and entertainment devices. Our innovative and intuitive human interface solutions can be engineered to accommodate many diverse platforms and our expertise in human factors and usability can be utilized to improve the features and functionality of our solutions. Our extensive array of technologies includes ASICs, firmware, software, mechanical and electrical designs, and pattern recognition and touch-sensing technologies.

Our custom-designed human interface solutions are custom engineered, total solutions for our customers, and include sensor design, module layout, ASICs, firmware, and software features for which we provide manufacturing and design support, and device testing. This allows us to be a one-stop supplier for complete human interface design from the early design stage, to manufacturing, to testing and support. Through our engineering know-how and technological expertise, we seek to provide our customers with solutions that address their individual design issues and result in high-performance, feature-rich, and reliable interface solutions. We believe our interface solutions offer the following characteristics:

  • Ease of Use - Our interface solutions offer the ease of use and intuitive interaction that users demand.
  • Small Size - The small, thin size of our interface solutions enables our customers to reduce the overall size and weight of their products in order to satisfy consumer demand for portability.
  • Low Power Consumption - The low power consumption of our interface solutions enables our customers to offer products with longer battery life or smaller battery size.
  • Advanced Functionality - Our interface solutions offer advanced features, such as virtual scrolling, customizable tap zones, edge motion, and tapping and dragging icons, to enhance the user experience.
  • Reliability - The reliability of our interface solutions satisfies consumer requirements for dependability, which is a major component of consumer satisfaction.
  • Durability - Our interface solutions withstand repeated use, harsh physical treatment, and temperature fluctuations while providing a superior level of performance.

We believe these characteristics will enable us to maintain our leadership position in the PC market and to enhance our position as a technological enabler within the markets for digital lifestyle products, including mobile smartphones and feature phones, and tablets. Our human interface solutions are intended to satisfy our customers’ specification needs, including features and functionality, industrial design, mechanical, and electrical requirements. Our products also offer unique integration options, including allowing our capacitive sensors to be placed underneath the plastic of the device, which allows for streamlined and stylized designs, and LED integration to indicate status or enhance industrial design.

Our emphasis on technological leadership and design capabilities positions us to provide unique human interface solutions that address specific customer requirements. Our long-term working relationships with large, global OEMs provide us with experience in satisfying their demanding design specifications and other requirements. Our custom product solutions provide OEMs with numerous benefits, including the following:

  • System integration
  • Reduced product development costs
  • Shorter product time to market
  • Compact and efficient platforms
  • Improved product functionality and utility
  • Product differentiation

We work with our customers in order to meet their technical and functional specifications, their industrial design requirements, and their desire to differentiate their products from those of their competitors. This collaborative effort reduces the duplication and overlap of investment and resources, enabling our OEM customers to devote more time and resources to the market development of their products. We utilize capacitive technology rather than resistive or mechanical technology in our product solutions. Unlike resistive and mechanical technology, our solid-state capacitive technology has no moving parts and does not require activation force, thereby providing a durable, more reliable solution that can be integrated into both curved and flat surfaces. Capacitive technologies also allow for much thinner sensors than resistive or mechanical technology, providing for slimmer, more compact and unique industrial designs.

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